A monthly meal and quarterly zine.


The Meal

Olio was born from a love and good food and delicious conversation—something founders Ali Francis and Elie Andersen offered each other an abundance of. The Olio meals series started like all good things: With friends, food, and crisp Fumé Blanc. Olio meals are $40 per person, all inclusive, and limited to 10 people per event. Sign up to the Olio email list below, for updates and openings.


“And then I sipped it and it was like I’d turned down a busy New York street and bumped straight into an uncommonly beautiful, barefoot stranger.”

— excerpt from dirty wine, summer 2018


The Zine

Olio is a quarterly food and art journal. Each issue features essays, photographs, loose recipes, and off-the-beaten-path eateries. Olio's content is unique, unpretentious, and celebratory. Each Olio issue is $7 a pop, and runs in limited stocks. Everyone who dines with us, takes one home. Everyone who wants one, may email us for one. Now playing: Summer, 2018.


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